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ESG Diligence

ESG has moved beyond manager self-reporting.
Castle Hall conducts due diligence to determine if asset managers consider Environmental, Social, and Governance issues in their strategy - and within their own organization.
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Impact. Sustainable. Responsible.

Environmental, Social, Governance (“ESG”) investing is a rapidly growing area of focus for investors. Investors are especially wary of “greenwashing”, when an asset manager exaggerates the extent of ESG integration in their investment strategy. 

Manager supplied ESG data is a great start, but self-reported, unverified information should clearly be subject to due diligence. Does the asset manager actually do what they say they do? Are investment manager policies comprehensive - or is the manager's ESG policy simply a "tick the box" statement? Is the investment firm leading - or lagging - its peer group in terms of ESG behaviours? 

Leveraging our decade plus experience of operational due diligence, Castle Hall's ESG due diligence services offer investors new insights into their external managers.

Responsible Investment Manager

Due Diligence to assess the ESG characteristics of asset management companies.

Within their own businesses, do your asset managers display environmental, social and governance best practices? Do your managers - vendors in your "supply chain" - run their businesses aligned with your own culture and organizational priorities around E, S and G?

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Responsible Investment Strategy

Independent assessment of a fund manager's ESG strategy.

How does the manager consider ESG factors in their investment process - and is their ESG integration actually effective? 

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Reputational Due Diligence

Legal checks. Regulatory checks. Sanctions and politically exposed persons - and full media searches.

Ensure each asset manager is of high integrity and reputation.

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Thought Leadership

Castle Hall offers a weekly ESG newsletter, regular blog posts, and white papers, webinars and reference materials within ESG Diligence University. 

Browse through our website to access content on ESG issues facing the investment industry today - and tomorrow. 

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